Overview of genres

To make it even easier to find the movies you are really going to love we have created this insanely simple genre overview. Are you in the mood for a humour-studded storyline or a great epic adventure? Perhaps you are more hungry for a political documentary or a social relevant drama? You know best!

Av 13. apr 2015

Feel Good

This is more than just slapstick. These are films filled with either light or black humour that will make you grin, although a serious theme is always beneath the surface. Meet animated cows in The Wanted 18 and cheerful Bollywood style singing in Champ of the CampThe Beginning is an timeless yet still relevant classic and Memories on Stone Kurdish irony at its best. Self Made has the most absurd humour we can possibly offer you.

Adventure Movies

These are magnificent films that suck you in with an engaging story and spectacular landscapes. Theeb is mentioned in the same sentence as Lawrence of Arabia, with its scenic desert frames and good old-fashioned adventure. In the blockbuster Far from Men an Arab speaking Viggo Mortensen plays a French teacher in Algeria, in the film adaptation of Albert Camus' novel Guest.

Political Documentaries

If you want to become more knowledgeable of the political and social developments in the Middle East, then get some insight into the creative ways of human smuggling in On the Bride`s Side and Iraq’s history conveyed through a family chronicle in Iraqi Odyssey. Queens of Syria shows how Syrian female refugees transform trauma in a theatre play and Casablanca Calling portrays Muslim feminism in Morocco. A study of local democracy at a primary school in Jordan is depicted in The Council.

Social Drama

Dive into important topics such as migration, child brides and occupation with these films. I am Nojoom is a Yemeni film about child marriage. Hope and Altantic. portrays the flight to Europe from two very different starting points. Decor is a Bergman style melodrama about existential crises from the director of last year's Rags and Tatters. In Eyes of a Thief, we meet a sniper out after ten years in Israeli prison, and Dancing Arabs takes a closer look at coexistence between Palestinians and Israelis from the youths perspective.

Culture and History

Mother of the Unborn is about childlessness in the Egyptian countryside and Views of the Ottoman Empire is a journey one hundred years back in time to the Ottoman Empire through rare footage from the film archives, which is shown as a silent film concert with live music and travelogues.

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