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Welcome to four days of quality films from and about the Arab world, as well as debates giving an unique insight into the most relevant topics from the region. The entire festival takes place at Vika Kino 30th March - 02nd April 2017.

Av 3. feb 2017

Do you love quality films, and would like to see movies that won't be shown at regular cinemas?

Are you interested in, studying, or just love the Arab region, foreign policy, history, migration, religion, Arabic, Kurdish or Hebrew?

Then this is the festival for you! 

This year we celebrate our 7th anniversary, and we hope to continue our succsess and reach an even bigger audience this year. At last years festival we sold 4482 tickets scattered out on 22 different feature films and documentaries from 12 different countries. This was a 22% increase from 2015. 

We were so lucky to have seven guests visiting the festival and participating in debates and talking about their work. Among some of the guests in 2016 were the Lebanese director Assad Fouladkar, the Norwegian freelance journalist and photographer Pål Refsdal, Khader Abu-Seig who played one of the main characters in Oriented and the Jordanian-Palestinian director Dalia al Kury. 


... will take place between 30th March - 02nd April 2017 at Vika Kino

... will have approximately 20 films in the program. The program is not complete, but will be announced shortly 

... will have panel debates and conversations with directors as previous years 

... will have an amazing party on Saturday 01st April where there will be food and classic Arab music  

Information about tickets? 

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Info about the festival? 

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We hope to see you all during the festival!