Cassandra Freeman is one of the leading characters in the film Kinyarwanda. The film highlights how a unique show of unity between Christians and Muslims occurred during the Rwandan genocide that left over 900 000 killed.


Av 10. okt 2011

During the Rwandan genocide, the country’s most respected Mufti issued a fatwa banning Muslims to participate in the killing of Tutsis. While the country was transformed into a real slaughterhouse, mosques became of place of refuge for both Christians and Muslims, Hutus and Tutsis, where they could come and seek protection. Kinyarwanda is based on true stories from survivors who sought refuge in these mosques and share their thoughts on hope, reconciliation and religious tolerance.

Cassandra Freeman is an acclaimed American film and theatre actress. Her background lies in TV and Hollywood, and she has played in films along Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster and Chris Rock among others. She has one of the lead roles in Kinyarwanda, which is screened in the African Stories strand of this year’s programme. The film won the World Cinema Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. In Kinyarwanda, Cassandra plays a Rwandan lieutenant called Rose.

Cassandra Freeman is in Oslo to promote the film and she will attend the screening this afternoon at Vika Kino, screen 2, at 18:15. You will be able to hear all about the experience of shooting such a powerful film, visiting Rwanda, and the stories she learned throughout.