Prize winners - Films from the South 2012

After 10 fabulous festival days, the winners of Films from the South 2012 have been awarded.

Av 1. des 2012

The Japanese werewolf film Wolf Children by Mamoru Hosoda was awarded both the main prize, the Silver Mirror, and the Audience Award at this year’s Films from the South festival. The everyday thriller Neighboring Sounds, by Brazilian Kleber Mendonça Filho, is the winner of the New Horizons section of the programme. The award for Best Documentary goes to Malik Bendjelloul’s heartwarming documentary Searching for Sugar Man.

The jury consisting of Mikkel Bugge, Izer Aliu and Kari Moen Kristiansen says the following about the winner of the Audience Award and the Silver Mirror, Wolf Children: «The winning film is a beautiful, elegant and detailed narrative that extends beyond realism to say something truthful about man. The film weaves together perspectives from different generations, and is about family, upbringing and letting go. Wolf Children is humorous, full of vitality, and conveys important insights about being different.»

The winner of the New Horizons section of the programme is the Brazilian everyday thriller Neighboring Sounds. In New Horizons, films from first and second-time directors are featured. The jury consisting of Jan Erik Holst, Joakim Thorkildsen and Oda Bahr says about the film: «This year’s winner is an everyday thriller with a realistic foundation that builds up its underlying nervousness through well-played character duels and a surprising soundtrack. The film examines urban paranoia and class issues in a post-colonial society on the way to greater equality, but can also serve as an allegory for wealthy countries’ increasing desire to shut others out, not least in Europe.»

The documentary jury consisting of Sidsel Wold, Åse Meyer and Jon Haukeland has awarded the prize for Best Documentary to Malik Bendjelloul’s Searching for Sugar Man. The jury says: «This film tells a fabulous and heartwarming story. Searching for Sugar Man is a tale from reality that surpasses any work of fiction. A mystery which is unravelled, revealing a gripping story about an individual and a musical talent that never took off in the U.S. or Europe. But his music lived on in South Africa, where it gave inspiration and hope to many opponents of the apartheid in the 70's and 80's. The film about the musician Rodriguez is compellingly well told and has a fantastic soundtrack.»