Day of the Dead: Sanctorum in the Jakob Church of Culture

Join us for the celebration of the Mexican holiday The Day of the Dead on the 2nd of November, where you can get an exclusive preview from this year's festival programme.

Av 24. sep 2020

Get a first glimpse of this year’s Films from the South with a preview of mysterious and mighty Sanctorum!

The screening takes place on Monday November 2 at 19:30 in the magnificent Jakob Church of Culture, which will be properly decorated for the occasion. To avoid audience lines at the entrance, the church doors open one hour before the screening, and audiences are encouraged to show up as early as possible.

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The Day of the Dead is marked throughout the Spanish-speaking world and is one of the most important holidays in Mexico. This is the day when the dead return to earth to greet their relatives. 

Mexico is one of the countries in focus at this year's Film from the South festival, which runs from November 26–December 6. We look forward to a majestic film experience in church, and hope we see you there!

The screening is held in cooperation with MEKKU (Mexican Art and Cultural Association) and the Embassy of Mexico to Norway.

Om filmen:

Sanctorum depicts an indigenous community living in the rural villages of Mexico producing marihuana for the infamous drug cartels in the country. As so many others, they are trapped in the middle of the ongoing war between the government and the cartels – a conflict that has only escalated over the last decade.

Through this contemporary perspective, director Joshua Gil displays how the war hits hardest on the neglected indigenous communities in Mexico. Here are none of the exhausted genre conventions we’ve seen a thousand times before in depictions of the drug wars. On the contrary, Sanctorum is a mythological experience, full of puzzling events, where nature is given as much room as the human characters. The cinematography, also courtesy of the director, is striking. The beautiful, otherworldly tableaus stand in stark contrast to the hard-hitting and brutal realities they depict. This makes Sanctorum an unusual, and highly recommended, cinema experience.

Director: Joshua Gil / Mexico, Qatar, The Dominican Republic / 2019 / Spanish w/ English subtitles / 84 min / Age limit 15 years