Finally we can reveal this years pitchers! We received a total of 112 applications to our sixth edition of the Sørfond Pitching Forum. It has been a demanding and fun responsibility for the jury to agree on the selected projects. 

Av , foto: Johnny Vaet Nordskog 20. sep 2016

The pitching forum takes place 12th of October and is organized by The Films from the South Foundation. It is held during Films From the South festival October 6–16, the biggest film festival in Oslo. The purpose is to provide main producers from developing countries with the opportunity to present their film projects to Norwegian producers. If they enter into a co-production agreement, they may apply for support for the film from SØRFOND by 1st of March 2017.

The Pitching Forum is a unique possibility to network with producers across boarders. Norwegian producers can sign up for the forum HERE

The Jury
This year's pitching jury consisted of Åse Meyer, previous director of Sørnorsk filmsenter and film consultant at The Norwegian Film Institute. Now senior advisor at the Norwegian Ministry of Culture.  Kalle Løchen, renown film critic and previous writer and editor of the film magazine Z and Film&Kino. Previous film consultant at Midtnorsk filmsenter and The Norwegian Film Institute, now working at Viken Filmsenter, and Turid Øversveen, previously worked at the national broadcaster NRK. Partner and producer at the Norwegian film production company, 4 ½. One project was selected by Ida Johannessen at the Durban Film Mart 2016 as a part of a new cooperation between Sørfond and Durban.  Of the 112 projects recieved 85 were fiction and 27 documentaries. 


The Jury’s statement:
- This year’s Sørfond Forum-projects represents a great width and variety both in terms of geographical location, theme, genre, form and expression.  As such, it has been a demanding and fun responsibility for the jury to read, discuss and agree on the selected projects which will be invited to Oslo to pitch their film projects. It has been interesting and exciting to read the presented stories and director’s notes from both young debutants and experienced directors from around the world, and we really look forward to see some of these projects realized in the future. We wish the best of luck to all applicants and their engaging and inspiring projects.

Selected projects 

Director: Agustín Toscano
Country: Argentina
Main producer: Murillo Cine - Rizoma

From his motorbike Miguel snatches the handbag of an old woman on the street, but as the old woman is injured during the robbery Miguel is tormented by guilt. When he realizes she suffers a memory loss, Miguel conceals his identity and passes himself off as her loving and caring tenant in order to make things right. A strong relational drama from the Argentinian city of Tucuman, a city overtaken by chaos, violence and riots.


Director: Muayad Alayan
Country: Palestine
Main producer: Muayad Alayan & Rami Alayan, PalCine Productions

A story from Jerusalem about the affair between a married palestinian man and a married Israeli woman. They get caught in a web of lies and false accusations as their affair is uncovered and politicized. A film about forbidden love, conspiracies and political conflicts in Jerusalem.


Director: Soudade Kaadan
Country: Syria
Main producer: Amira Kaadan, KAF Production

Syria 2011, a freezing winter in a country where the increasing anti-government protests gave signs of future of unrest and conflict. Sana dreams about a warm shower and a canister in order to make food for her son. The story plays out over three days, where Sana comes to realize what the future will bring.


Director: Augusto Sandino
Country: Columbia
Main producer: Ivette Liang, Schweizen Media Group 

Young Efe has lost his mom and is now all alone to take care of his sick father in the Colombian countryside. Seeking to break free from the confinements in his life, Efe reach a new realization. The story is played out in a mystical landscape at the foothills of the Andes. A strong visual project that seeks a distinct expression.


Director: Marcos Diaz
Country: Cuba
Main producer: Maria Carla del Rio, MARINCA FILMES

Cuba 1988: The Cold War is still present, and the country is still depending on the Soviet Union. The relationship between young Vilma and Ivan is the starting point for an absurd fable about survival and skeet shooting, switching between the real and a surreal cinematic universe.


AMAL (Documentary)
Director: Mohamed Siam
Country: Egypt
Main producer: Myriam Sassine, Abbout Productions

Documentary about an Egyptian girl who as a 14-year-old experienced being at the center of the unrest in the wake of the Arabic spring. Now, in her late teens she is struggling to find her own way in the strict and conservative norms of her society. The film follows Amal from the age of 14 to 19.


Director: Latifa Doghri & Salem Trabelsi
Country: Tunisia
Main producer: Latifa Doghri & Salem Trabelsi, Machmoum productions

At the age of six Siwar was sexually abused and forced into prostitution by her own mother and father. Now we meet Siwar as a 13-year-old obsessed by revenge as her parents are about to be released from prison.  The documentary highlights a societal problem that often goes unmentioned in Tunisia.


UN FILS (Fiction)
Director: Medhi Barsaoui
Country: Tunisia
Main producer: Habib Attia, Cinetelefilms

Aziz’s big wish is fulfilled when his parents take him to go on a holiday for a few days in the South of Tunisia to see the Sahara Desert. But the trip turns into a nightmare when their car is ambushed by an armed group. Aziz is hospitalized and critically injured, in need of a liver transplantation to live. How far will his father go to save Aziz? A psychological and moral fable about fatherhood from a modern Tunisia.