The Untamed premieres in Venice

Amat Escalante is selected for the prestigious main competition at Venice International Film Festival with his Sørfond supported film The Untamed. On board as co-producers are Mer Film, who have received grants from Sørfond for a series of great productions the last years.

Av 28. jul 2016

The Mexican director hits the big screen with a story about love and freedom in a male chauvinistic, misogynistic and homophobic society. It is a strong and violent tale, which is almost anarchic in its expression. The story revolves around a young couple struggling to stay together. When the mysterious Victoria comes to town their lives change drastically.

With The Untamed Escalante continues to explore the dark sides of the Mexican society with explosive power. He won the award for best director in Cannes for his previous film Heli, which also explored the shadows and darker sides of the Mexican society. The Untamed continues this path, but it takes some surprising dramaturgical turns.

The movie will have it`s theatrical release in Norway in October/November this year.

The Untamed is a co-production with Denmark through Katrin Pors in Snowglobe. Cinematographer Manuel Alberto Claro has previously shot Lars von Triers Melancholia (2011) and Nymphomaniac (2013) among others, and the special effects is by VFX supervisor Peter Hjorth, who also worked on several of Triers productions and Nicolas Winding Refns The Neon Demon (2016). 

This is Mer Films first co-production with Mantarraya, and they will continue working together on Carlos Reygadas feature film Where Life Is Born, which received support from Sørfond this year and is currently in production.