Sørfond+ opens up for European producers

Sørfond is introducing its new support scheme, SØRFOND+. The scheme will support co-productions between European producers and producers from developing countries. SØRFOND+ will run alongside Sørfond classic. Deadline for application May 4th. 

Av 4. apr 2017

Sørfond+ grants support to fiction and documentary projects over 60 minutes with a minority producer established in one of the MEDIA-participating countries and a main producer from one of the countries on the DAC-list of OECD.

The overall objective of SØRFOND+ is also to stimulate the production of films in developing countries where such production is limited by political or economic reasons. The grant shall also contribute to strengthening freedom of expression and collaboration between filmmakers and producers in Europe and in the eligible countries.

SØRFOND+ in short:

  • Maximum amount granted per project: EUR 50 000
  • At least 50% of the budget must already be confirmed at the time of submitting the application.
  • Main producer: established in a country on the DAC-list, that is neither a member of Eurimages nor of the MEDIA-programme of Creative Europe.
  • Co-producer: an independent production company from a country participating in the MEDIA-programme of the EU.
  • Director living in, or have a citizenship from, a country on the DAC-list
  • Shooting: shot in a country on the DAC.
  • At least 70 % of the total funding must be spent in a country on the DAC-list. 
  • EUR 217 000 will be granted in 2017 by SØRFOND+ 

The deadline for applying SØRFOND+ is 4 May 2017
The evaluation process will normally take 8-10 weeks from the relevant deadline. 


Read all about the guidelines and how to apply HERE.

Sørfond+ is funded by the Creative Europe MEDIA-programme and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and administrated by The Norwegian Film Institute and Films From the South.