Guests at Arab Film Days 2018



Ziad Doueiri (b. 1963) is a filmmaker from Lebanon. He studied film in the US and worked as a camera assistant on several of Quentin Tarantino’s films. Doueiri’s feature film debut is the autobiographical West Beirut (1998), which received critical acclaim worldwide. He has also directed films like Lila Says (2004) and The Attack (2012), the latter screened at Arab Film Days in 2013.



Mohamed Siam is an Egyptian director, producer and photographer. He made his documentary debut, Whose Country?, in 2016 which was shown at festivals worldwide. Amal, his second film, had the honor of opening IDFA, the world’s most famous documentary festival. The film received great reviews, and is supported by the Norwegian fund Sørfond. Amal is co-produced with Ingrid Lill Høgtun in Barentsfilm AS. 


Nizam Najar grew up in Syria, Libya and Sudan, but moved with his family to Norway in 2002. He is educated from The Norwegian Film School at Lillehammer in documentary, and has degree in journalism from Volda University College. He made Diary from the Revolution (2013) right after finishing his studies. Aleppo’s Fall had its world premiere at IDFA in November.


Omer Alkateb is 24-years-old, born and raised in Syria. He fled to Turkey in 2014, where he worked as a cook. There, he come into contact with the Turkish director Ayshe Toprak and the activist Mahmoud Hassino who had the idea for a film. The documentary Mr Gay Syria gives an interesting insight into the LGTBI-society in Turkey, and life as an LGBTI-refugee. Omer came to Norway in 2016, and lives in Bergen.