Nowhere to Hide!

We are happy to announce that we will be screening the award winning documentary Nowhere to Hide at this year's festival! 

Av 1. mar 2017

We are proud to announce that Nowhere to Hide will be screened at this year's festival.  

The director of the documentary, Zaradasht M. Ahmed, will be attending the festival the 31st of March for a director's talk about his film. You can buy tickets to this screening here

In 2011, American forces withdrew from Iraqi territory, and left the people believing in peace. In Nowhere to Hide we follow the male nurse, Nori Sharif, working in the area called the "Triangle of Death." 

This documentary shows the fatal consequences the war has on civilians. It is truly heartbreaking to see how Sharif's family has to flee from their home and become refugees in fear of another enemy and another war: the war against ISIS. 

Nowhere to Hide won the award for best feature-length documentary at the prestigious documentary filmfestival in Amsterdam (IDFA). 

This is from the jury report: 

"There are those films which are wonderful to see and there are films that the world needs to see. The film we choose is both of these things. The experience was immersive and left us deeply touched. The director respected the unique perspective that only the subject could have and in doing so he gave us an unprecedented window into the real life lasting consequences of war."

We can't wait to show you this important documentary at Arab Film Days later this month. 

While counting down the days to this year's festival you can read Hollywood Reporter's review of the film and see THIS interview with Zaradasht M. Ahmed.