Culinary Cinema: Cuban Food Stories at Vippa

We will be repeating last years succsess, and invite you to a free screening on Vippa, one of Oslo´s most renowned food markets, November 10th.

Av 14. okt 2018

Cuban Food Stories brings us to Cuba, and show us a culinary heaven hidden behind Cuba´s tourist traps.

Food with a Cuban twist as well as tasty drinks can be purchased. Make a night out of it and let yourself be seduced by Cuban food culture and by rythms that resonate through the autumn evening darkness. 

Practical info:

Date: Saturday November 10th
Time: 19.00-23.00, film starts at 20.00. (Vippa opens at 12.00)

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About  Cuban  Food  Stories:
Cuba might not have the reputation of a food lover’s paradise. But the island is actually a culinary heaven of tastes hidden just below the surface of tourist trap restaurants. Cuban Food Stories brings out this side of Cuba, as ex-pat Asori Soto travels to a range of cities, towns and villages to discover local specialties that will make your mouth water. The film also shows how Cuba is rapidly changing, and gives great insight into its history, culture, traditions, and ways of life. A film that will inspire you to visit – or revisit – this Caribbean island.   

Asori Soto (b. 1980) is a Cuban producer and director currently based in New York. He is the founder of the Cuban Independent Film Movement, and was awarded Best Narrative Director at the Havana New Directors Film Festival. Cuban Food Stories is a part of a documentary series, “Food Stories”, that delves into the relationship between culinary traditions and cultural heritage.