Prescreening of Matangi/Maya/M.I.A + club night at Blå

Following the screening of Matangi/Maya/M.I.A. at Vega Scene we invite you to a party and club night at the venue Blå. 


Av 28. okt 2018

Thursday 15 November there will be a prescreening of Matangi/Maya/M.I.A. - a documentary about the Tamil-British rapper, activist and superstar M.I.A. Following the screening at Vega Scene we invite you to a party and club night at the venue Blå, in collaboration with Another World Entertainment. We promise cool DJs!

The club scene opens at 23 with free entrance for everyone.
Age limit: 20 years  

Follow the Facebook-event here and buy tickets here. 

About the movie
M.I.A. is a rapper, activist, fashion designer and music producer, and known for hits like "Paper Planes" and "Bad Girl". She is world famous and a superstar, but different from most celebrities and pop artists. M.I.A. was born in Sri Lanka. As a daughter of the leader of one of the biggest Tamil rebel groups on the island, she was forced to flee to England at the age of 9.  In this firework of a documentary we get to know the human being and activist behind the alias M.I.A. We follow her from childhood during the civil war in Sri Lanka, and we see how the family's involvement in the conflict, and the experience as an immigrant in East London, has shaped her political and artistic aspirations and attitudes.

With a mix of music videos, private footage from M.I.A.'s upbringing and interviews, director Steve Loveridge paints a personal portrait of one of the music industry's most fascinating, provocative and current artists.