A conversation with Tugce Altug

Tugce Altug plays the role of Suzi in Butterflies, and is our guest at this year's festival

Av 6. nov 2018

The Turkish movie Butterflies has both funny, serious and absurd elements. A father, Mazhar ,
ask his tree adult children to come home to their village in the countryside in Turkey. The three
estranged siblings start a journey back home. When they reach their hometown, they experience
exploding hens, a confused imam among other things. They also get to know each other again.
Tugce Altug plays the Suzi, the youngest of the siblings. She was extra excited for this role, as
this was her first as a leading role. Preparations for the role were done in different ways. Tugce
kept a notebook, a diary where she wrote Susans feelings and thoughts from time to time.
Together with her two partners, Bartu Kucukcaglean and Tolga Tekin, she had a three week
rehearsal period where they enjoyed practising.

-We wanted to learn more and more about the characters all the time, and drove the director mad
at last with our crazy appetite for the roles. The film set was in the Aagean side of Turkey and
we, the three main actors, traveled together from Istanbul to Çanakkale. This long drive to the
set was very funny and kind of absurd, because it took more time than planned and we kind of
were stuck in a car, doing silly jokes, singing songs... it really worked for the chemistry and
turned us into the characters, the three siblings.

Tugce Altug really enjoyed playing the role of Suzi, and being part of the movie. She found it
very instructive especially during the pavilion scene. The humouristic aspects was also
something she enjoyed.

-When I first read the script, I laughed a lot and loved the story. Very similar to my sense of
humour.. The absurd side of the movie rhymes perfect with the sincere and touching part of the

Butterflies tell us about being a family or not, she explains. How binding family can be even if
you try to disconnect yourself, wherever you go the family feeling is always the same.

-This universal feeling, being a family, surrounded by local atmosphere with the funny story
makes the movie a masterpiece! Choosing the tell this story through death, makes you realise
how transient, temporary life don't think about it too much.

Butterflies has done well, and has for example won the Grand Jury Prize win at the Sundance

-Luckily, we had a chance to attend a lot of film festivals and see the reactions of the audience
with Butterflies. Getting many awards from all around the world makes me so proud and happy
and seeing the reaction of the audience at the theatres was priceless.