And the winners are...

It is with great pride we introduce the winners of the year of the Silver Mirror Award, DOC:SOUTH, New Voices and the Audience Award.

Av 17. nov 2018


The Silver Mirror, the main award at the Films from the South festival, is awarded to the best of 12 films in the festival’s main competition

Statement from the jury:

The jury for the main competition at this year's Films from the South Festival have had a challenging task. We have watched 12 films, and overwhelmingly many of them have gripped us, shaken us, and left their mark on us.

This year's recurring theme has been the fragile and humane quality that is caring about another person – or the lack thereof.

The film that stole the jury's heart is a solid, well-directed tale about being in love. A visually confident story where much of the nerve and momentum lies in the looks exchanged by the characters, where the lines are never clichéd and the story is never over-explained.

This film shows us the power of great cinema. It represents the very reason we enter the darkness of a movie theatre to let stories enthral us: The knowledge that we can never quite know what is going to unfold, or even if what we are watching is actually happening. This film gives us a vague sense of unrest as we gradually realize that reality can be a mystery in and of itself.

On a more emotional level, this story reminds us what it's like to fall madly in love with someone you hardly know, to drink and smoke your way into the sunset while the talk turns existential, and the intoxicating feeling of becoming obsessed with another.

When I first met her she told me she was studying mime...

When you try to put it in words it doesn't sound like anything special. But if you see it with your own eyes for ten or twenty minutes gradually the sense of reality is sucked right out of everything around you. It's a very strange feeling. 

The jury have chosen a film that is disturbing, seducing, and original. In an impressive way, the director has managed to take the alienation and loneliness we are used to finding in texts by Haruki Murakami, and translated it from the short story format into film. Based on the short story Barn Burning.

The winner of the Silver Mirror 2018 is Burning by Chang-dong Lee.

The prize of 20.000 NOK goes to the Norwegian distributor, Arthaus, and goes towards the film’s cinematic release in Norwegian cinemas.

The members of the jury have been:

 Kalle Løchen, film consultant

Khalid Maimouni, film producer

Marte Stapnes, media expert and daily manager of the Norwegian Federation Film Societies. 


The Films from the South festival’s documentary award, DOC:SOUTH, is awarded to the best of ten films in the documentary section.

Statement from the jury:

From a selection of very captivating and excellent films, of great variety in theme and form, we've chosen a joint favourite that combines great cinema craftsmanship with a storyline that is minimalist but highly engaging, emotional, and thrilling. The dignity, beauty and tenaciousness of the main character is the central piece, who is closely followed by the patient and handheld camera through a hypnotic landscape, and in the essential struggles of life that he encounters. It is one of those rare films that leaves us with a glimpse of hope for a better future, while we know the larger picture may be grim.

It has not been an easy decision to choose one film only, but we all agreed this year's award at DOC:SOUTH should go to Makala, directed by Emmanuel Gras and produced by Nicolas Anthomé for Bathysphere Productions.

The winner of DOK:SØR 2018 is MAKALA directed by Emmanuel Gras.

Director Emmanuel Gras will be awarded a prize of 10.000 NOK, donated by the Festival Agency.

The members of the jury have been:

Brynjar Bjerkem, social anthropologist and producer at Transcultural Arts Production (TrAP)

Helene Eggen, media expert. Assistant festival and program director, Arctic Moving Image & Film Festival and communication manager for Tromsø International Film Festival.

Verona Meier, film producer at Ape&Bjørn.


Our brand new competition program New Voices has consisted of 11 films from directors making their debut or sophomore features.

Statement from the jury:

A majority of the films in the New Voices section tell stories specific to women. We are pleased to see that many of these are directed by women. All of them films with great qualities.

We find one film outstanding in the way it depicts a universally present problem. The story introduces us to the life of a young migrant woman in a European metropolis.

A manuscript full of surprising twists keeps us intensely interested as the story unfolds.

The documentary style camerawork brings us close to the main character in an almost physical way.

Actress Samal Yeslyamova’s impressive presence in a demanding lead role really brings the story to life.

Sergey Dvortsevoy will be awarded a prize of 10.000 NOK, donated by the Festival Agency .

The members of the jury have been:

Britt Sørensen, film critic and cultural journalist for newspaper Bergens Tidende.

Jon Iversen, film journalist and consultant.

Kristin Aalen, cultural journalist.

The winner of New Voices 2018 is AYKA directed by Sergei Dvortsevoy.

The Audience Award

Each year the festival audience can vote for his or her’s favourite film for the audience award. The nominated films are those from the festival program that will have Norwegian cinema distribution.

The winner of the audience award 2018 is SHOPLIFTERS directed by Hirokazu Koreeda.

Festival Agency awards 40.000 NOK to the Norwegian distributor of the film, Another World Entertainment, for its Norwegian cinema release. Shoplifters will be released in Norwegian cinemas on the 18th of January, 2019.