The winners of Film from The South 2019

It is with great pride we introduce the winners of this year of the Silver Mirror Award, DOC:SOUTH, New Voices and the Audience Award.

Av 16. nov 2019


The Silver Mirror, the main award at the Films from the South festival, is awarded to the best of 14 films in the festival’s main competition. The prize is given by Stiftelsen Festivalkontoret and goes to the Norwegian distributor releasing the film in cinemas.

Statement from the jury:

“The winning film brings us in to a universe we don’t want to leave. The human beings we meet are complex, relatable, charming and very loveable. The cinematography is intimate and allows us to see and feel the characters longing. Because this is what the film is about, longing. The story portrays sisterhood in a way that is refreshing and honest. We get to tag along a road trip with four very different sisters after their father’s funeral. The story stays with you long after you leave the theatre. Therefore, we are pleased to award the silver mirror award to Wandering girl written and directed by Rubén Mendoza.”

The winner of the Silver Mirror 2019 is: Wandering girl directed by Rubén Mendoza

Honorable mention:

“We want to honour a film that moved us with a touching and painful story depicting the fatal consequences of shame. Two sisters are brutally separated when they don’t live up to their father’s expectations. The honorable mention goes to The Invisible Life of Euridice Gusmao

The members of the jury have been:

Amy Black Ndiaye, screenwriter and television creator
Liv Joelle Barbosa Blad, director
Sigurd Mikal Karoliussen, producer  


The Films from the South festival’s documentary award, DOC:SOUTH, is awarded to the best of ten films in the documentary section. The prize is given by Stiftelsen Festivalkontoret and goes to the director.

Statement from the jury:

“We have had a wonderful, intense and inspiring week while being in the jury for DOC:SOUTH with the world’s best documentaries. We have watched ten fantastic films which all bring the world closer with the only tool, a camera. They all reflect in their own unique way our global challenges. We all feel touched by the filmmakers and they have given us hope. It has been a close race.

The price for best documentary goes to a young filmmaker who has chosen an ambulance as his vessel to tell his story about a city in chaos. We are in Mexico City, a near lawless and corrupt society where it's hard to cope in everyday life. As in a thriller genre, the Ochoa family lets us get to know the million city and its inhabitants through its never-resting private ambulance business - always ready to venture out to hijack new customers in death defying competition with other ambulances.

The film is also a love-filled portrait of a family that shows an incredible willingness to survive and move forward when the difficulties occur. They face moral problems that are too big to deal with for a poor family, completely at the mercy of the prevailing economic system.

The director has made a wise choice by filming the teamwork in the Ochoa family, and their human integrity in tight dramaturgy.

The cinema verité genre has rarely been more restrained and focused. The film is innovative and concise; it is complete.”

The winner of DOC:SOUTH 2019 is: Midnight Family directed by Luke Lorentzen

The members of the jury have been:

Bente Roalsvig, Project and Deputy Director Fritt Ord
Cliff Moustache, Artistic director Nordic Black Theatre
Martin Edelsteen, Cinematographer


Our competition program New Voices has consisted of 11 films from directors making their debut or sophomore features. The prize is given by Stiftelsen Festivalkontoret and goes to the director.

Statement from the jury:

“The award goes to a film who works within the thriller genre in an effective way, while putting emphasis on a theme that is both relevant and important. The film is visually stunning. It hits the mark both with its cinematic language and its political message, with an impressive performance from the young lead actor Sarm Heng.”

The winner of New Voices 2019 isBuoyancy directed by Rodd Rathjen

Honorable mention:

“The honorable mention goes to a film that impressed us with its masterful cinematic language, the director’s unquestionable understanding of the film medium, and with its inventiveness. The film is full of impressive ideas, where the last hour in particular was atmospheric and captivating in a way only good films can be. Honorable mention goes to Long Day`s Journey Into Night, directed by Bi Gan.» ” 

The members of the jury have been:

Film critics Ingrid Rommetveit, Jan Storø and Nicolai Berg Hansson.

The audience award

Each year the festival audience can vote for his or her’s favourite film for the audience award. The nominated films are all the films in the competition programs: The Silver Mirror, New Voices and DOC:SOUTH.

The winner of the audience award 2019 is Parasite directed by Joon-ho Bong.

The Norwegian distributor of the film, Arthaus, will receive advertising through Dagsavisen for the upcoming cinema release. Parasite will be released in Norwegian cinemas on the 31th of January 2020.