NOK 4 Million granted for 8 new projects

SØRFOND is happy to announce the selected projects for the biggest grant in the history of the fund. A total of NOK 4 million has been divided between eight international projects.

Av , foto: Rafiki / Ape & Bjørn 3. mai 2017

The fund received 51 applications for this year’s deadline, and the level of quality amongst the submitted projects impressed the jury. This year 8 projects were selected by the jury to receive support from Sørfond, 5 fiction- and 3 documentary projects. The total amount allocated by Sørfond in 2017 is 4 million NOK (EUR425 704).

We thank all of the applicants and congratulate the selected projects!

The Jury  

This year’s Sørfond-jury members are Linn Jeanethe Kyed (Norway), Hanne Myren (Norway) and Karim Aïnouz (Brazil).

Jury’s comment:
We had the difficult task of evaluating and we feel deeply privileged to have come to know so many extraordinary projects. We met talent, diversity and courage through exciting, singular voices of both young newcomers and experienced filmmakers. The group of projects selected reflects our diverse world in its variety of themes, forms, genres, countries and professionals, and we urge all to persevere in their cinematic forays.

Selected projects 

This year - as any year - the jury had a difficult task selecting the projects, but here they are: 

The River: Aslan and his brothers (fiction)
Country: Kazakhstan
Director: Emir Baigazin
Norwegian co-producer: Norsk Filmproduksjon AS/ Hilde Berg
Producer: Emir Baigazin Production
Grant: 750.000 NOK

Malambo King (fiction)
Country: Argentina
Director: Juan Pablo Félix
Norwegian co-producer: Norsk Filmproduksjon AS/ Hilde Berg
Producer: Utopica group
Grant: 700.000 NOK

Amal (documentary)
Country: Egypt/Lebanon
Director: Mohamed Siam
Norwegian co-producer: Barentsfilm AS/Ingrid Lill Høgtun
Main producer: Abbout Productions and Artkhana
Grant: 350.000 NOK

Contactee (fiction)
Country: Peru
Director: Marité Ugás
Norwegian co-producer: DHF/Dag Hoel
Main producer: Sudaca Films
Grant: 450.000 NOK

Rafiki (fiction)
Country: South-Africa, Kenya
Director: Wanuri Kahiu
Norwegian Co-producer: Ape & Bjørn as/Ruben Thorkildsen and Verona Meier
Main producer: Big World Cinema CC
Grant: 750.000 NOK

Off Side in Khartoum (documentary)
Country: Sudan
Director: Marwa Zein
Norwegian co-producer: Stray Dog Productions as/Henrik Underbjerg
Main producer: ORE Productions
Grant: 250.000 NOK

Overgod (fiction)
Country: Brazil
Director: Gabriel Mascaro
Norwegian co-producer: Mer Film as/Maria Ekerhovd
Main producer: Desvia Produções/Rachel Ellis
Grant: 400.000 NOK

Bullet Catcher (documentary)
Country: Ukraine
Director: Ruslan Batytskyi and Lesya Kalynska
Norwegian co-producer: Volt Film as/ Jonathan Borge Lie
Main producer: Batytskyi Production
Grant: 350.000 NOK